About Us


The financial economic express (fe2 ) is a consultancy hub to provide professional management consultancy on Business Advisory, Business Development, Design , Financial management , Marketing management , Public Relations and Business Analytics and Analysis


Our Aim is to help businesses and organizations develop holistic and globally integrated approaches to enhance their organizational development strategy, leadership, general strategies , negotiation strategy, product development strategy, marketing strategy and management strategy through the use of new technologies and neo thinking processes like big data analytics, artificial Intelligence , Blockchain technology, design thinking , system thinking , augmented thinking etc


The Financial Economic Express (fe2) believes in the following ::

1. Provide valuable and executable information and Insights

2. Solving Business Problems with real life approaches1

3. Redefining problems after proper, holistic and and clear diagnostics

4. Making recommendations based on diagnosis of real life situations and influences

5. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions with new technologies

6. Building a consensus and commitment around corrective actions for proper implementation of solutions

7. Facilitating and creating a client learning approach for future such similar problems

8. Ensuring organizational growth, effectiveness and productivity in the long run


The story of Financial economic express started in 2016 , as a side project to carter incoming consultancy work in the field of Design, Marketing, Public Relations and Data Analytics .

Ever since then Fe2 has completed more than 15 Successful Consultancy Projects to create Brands and Businesses from Scratch


We are a young, dynamic , experienced and technology Versed Individuals having a wide range of Knowledge and Expertise from Philosophy, psychology, design, marketing, Artificial Intelligence Blockchain , Big Data analytics .

Working with us will not only ensure an excellent and executable solution but also an efficient and real Time learning Experience that will help you immensely in your future endeavors.

Working Philosophy of Financial Economic Express

1. Time and Money Value :: Fe2 is a straight forward result oriented and bureaucracy non-believer consultancy service. For every 10 unit of investment of your time/money you will gain at least 40 Units of return in value and save more than 30 units of time/ money if the same work is done elsewhere

2. 21st century Game :: Fe2 is well versed with the business challenges and Issues of the Digital Augmented Age and it continuously updates itself with new incoming ideas and technologies

3. Direction of Others :: Most of the entities who are trying to solve the same problems as Fe2 , are either clinging on to the old world bureaucratic structure of Governance and Management or hesitant to adopt new technologies . Fe2 has adopted both gracefully

4. Happening right now :: The world at the current time is embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution , So it is advisable for everyone to embrace this digital-augmented-AI culture immediately and fe2 helps its clients to do the same .

5. The Future Ahead :: the future of business and services lies in understanding the habits and needs of the digital-Augmented-AI age customers. The ones who would take the leap , will own the future ahead .